Eddie Trunk Rocks
Celebrating 30 years of Hard Rock and Metal Radio

Eddie Trunk is America’s leading nationally syndicated hard rock radio show. It’s
also a metaphor for the man, Eddie Trunk, a walking encyclopedia of the genre. Eddie is universally regarded by the hard rock community as one of the country’s leading experts on the subject with his unique insights and knowledge. Eddie also has the rare ability to con-nect with his audience and to talk to them in a language they understand… that’s because he’s just like them, a low ego kind of guy. Eddie is a rare and fortunate man in that he’s been lucky enough and talented enough to turn his love for this musical genre into his career.

> Listeners love Eddie’s fresh approach to doing radio

> He’s unrehearsed, unscripted and has in-depth knowledge about the artists and music

> The artists also love him. Aerosmith hand picked Eddie to host their one- time only tour kick-off call-in radio special. Axl Rose of Guns’n’Roses spoke exclusively (for three hours) with Eddie Trunk.

Eddie Trunk Rocks is not like the dozens of typical scripted, predictable syndicated radio shows out there in the marketplace. Each week is different on Eddie Trunk Rocks. One week the focus will be on wall to wall music, one week it’s three hours with Axl Rose, another it’s a combination of the two. If you want your station to own hard rock/heavy metal listeners in your market then Eddie Trunk Rocks is a must have for your station.

Eddie Trunk is seen daily by music fans in more than 44 million homes as a host and lead interviewer on VH1 Classic TV, where he has interviewed some of the most legendary artists in music history. He is also a regular contributor to rock specials on VH1 and several other TV outlets. Eddie also can be found hosting one time only special event radio programming and introducing hard rock bands on-stage at concert venues around America.